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A General List Of Things to Gather For Your Personal Tax Needs

- W2 or 1099, or both.   -Many people drive for Lyft or Uber.  Some have worked with AirBnB.  Not reporting all of your income is the number one error on all tax returns.  Stock compensation will be entered on line 1 of the 1040 as well.  -If you collect Social Security, or have collected unemployment during the year, that information is needed as well.

Proof of health insurance coverage.   More changes.   We only need form 1095-A, and this is if you have purchased insurance through the government marketplace (Obamacare).  You may have to go Healthcare.gov and print out a copy.   Failing to put this on your tax return will hold up return processing.  

-Do you have children? Child/dependent name(s), social security numbers & dates of birth. (Need name exactly as it appears on social security card).   -Yes, exemptions have been eliminated on the current 1040.  However, you may have kids under the age of 17 that qualify for the Child Tax Credit (CTC).  Your older kids may be in college, and for that we need them litested on the tax return along with form 1098-T.   Form 1098-T would come from the college or university your child attends, and it covers paid tuition and scholarships.   
      -If you are in school, we need a copy of your 1098-T as well.

-- If you share custody, please provide a custody agreement to verify who claims the child.  We do not want to hold up return processing with two different people claiming the same child.   If you are a single parent, having a qualifying child allows you to claim Head of Household status and allows for a bigger standard deduction.

--  Form 1098-E --This is a form issued by your mortgage company.  It includes interest you paid on your home loan throughout the course of the year.  In most cases, it also includes your property taxes.  You will also need this information on any rental properties you may have. 

--Property tax statement.  -This is only if you do not escrow your property taxes.   If you escrow your property taxes, the mortgage company takes the payment from your taxes and remits them to the county you live in.  If you have recently purchased a home, apply for your homestead exemption at city hall in whatever county you live in.

--If you sold/purchased a home (this also applies to any rental properties) in 2019, please bring the settlement statements for both the purchase and sale.  Why?  We need to determine if there is any taxable capital gain.

-Form 1099-INT and/or Form 1099-DIV.   Form 1099-INT deals with interest on bank accounts, money markets, bonds et al.      Form 1099-DIV deals with dividends paid by stock holdings and usually arrives on a consolidated form 1099 from your brokerage house
-If you sold stock during the year, we will need the  form 1099-B which your brokerage house will provide. This may arrive later.  Do not file your taxes without it, because that would be unreported income and you will get a bill for it later.  If you have k-1's from any businesses you may be a part of or k-1's from any private equity holdings, you must also have these prior to filing your personal taxes.

-Ad Valorem Tax (Car Tag/Registration Fee) paid .   -This does not include the $20.00 annual tag fee.  Did you purchase a new vehicle?   Did you purchase an electric vehicle?

--Any out of pocket medical costs including: co-pays, prescription costs, parking fees at a hospital etc. Please have back up for this.   Medical costs rarely change the outcome of the return, but often times things happen to people.  Having back up prevents problems later down the road.

--Contributions to charities.  -Cash.  Did you contribute with a check or credit card?  Is the recipient of your contribution non-profit? Your check or credit card is proof of your donation.  Most non-profits also send you a letter confirming non-profit status. -Some examples of Non-Cash  (Goodwill, American Kidney fund)- YOU MUST HAVE RECEIPTS.  Goodwill always gives one,  and there are many charities that will leave a receipt in the form of a door hanger if they pick up a donation while you are at work.

--ANY IRA rollovers or withdrawals-this will come in the form of a 1099-R.  1099-R's will also include retirement income.  Examples of retirement income include military and educator pensions.

--ANY IRA/Sep/Keogh contributions
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