A&S Financial Services Incorporated has been serving the tax needs of the community for over twenty years.
     We are currently located at 125 Crystal Green Court College Park,GA 30349.  My phone number is 404-934-3140.   We have clients in every one of the United States as well as Canada.  Our focus, as a company is on business relationship building and facilitating your success.
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A&S Financial Services is located at:
125 Crystal Green Court Atlanta, GA 30349.  

Our office hours are Monday through Saturday 10am to 7 pm,  Sun 12-5
We do accept walk ins.

 Thank You, we appreciate your continued business and look forward to meeting with you to help make this your best tax season yet!

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Hi Everybody!  I would like to thank you in advance for your patience.  Adell has left for other opportunities.  We wish her well.  My dad, Mike, is in St. Joseph's  Hospital in Mishawaka, Indiana.  He will not be leaving there soon, but he is asking after all of you.

A General List Of Things to Gather For Your Personal Tax Needs

- W2 or 1099 proof of income

Proof of health insurance coverage

-Do you have children? Child/dependent name(s), social security numbers & Dates of birth. (Need name exactly as it appears on social security card).

-- If you share custody, please provide a custody agreement to verify who claims the child

--Mortgage interest statement(s) - I.R.S. Form 1098 --Real estate tax paid on home. -- If you have moved or changed jobs please let us know. 

--Property tax statement

--If you sold/purchased a home in 2018 please bring the settlement statements for both the purchase and sale.
-If you sold stock during the year, we will need the 1099B which your brokerage house will provide. 

-Ad Valorem Tax (Car Tag/Registration Fee) paid .

-- Dividend and/or Interest statements

--Any out of pocket medical costs including: co-pays, prescription costs, parking fees at a hospital etc. 

--Contributions to charities Cash/Check or Non-cash Some examples of Non-Cash(Goodwill, American Kidney fund)- YOU MUST HAVE RECEIPTS TO CLAIM THIS DEDUCTION

--ANY IRA (traditional) rollovers to ROTH IRA's

--ANY IRA/Sep/Keogh contributions
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