For Your Business

  -Your business is so very important.  In most cases, it is your life's work.  It is your sole means of economic support-and we must take care of it from a tax perspective. 
     -In order to do your business taxes, there are some things we must know.  How is your business structured?  Are you a sole-proprietor?  Are you an LLC?  Are you a S-Corporation, PC,  or a C-Corporation?   Do you have an Employer Identification Number?     How do you keep track of your income and expenses?  What is your income, and what are your expenses? What is your beginning and ending inventory for the year?   Do you have any outstanding receivables?   -It may sound rather simple, but that is rarely the case.  We examine each case and determine what would be most advantageous on an individual basis.  -In other words, every business is unique and has different goals.  Our goal is to help you find what works best for your business and what helps you to advance your goals in the most efficient manner possible.  -A conerstone of this goal  is keeping track of your financials.  Meaning, what do you make and what do you spend-this is a profit and loss statement.   Banks will ask for it, and it lets you know where your money goes.  Money management will help you grow your business, and in these tough times we need you and your business to grow.
      -We typically consult with companies about growth strategies after the bulk of tax season is complete.  Our consultation season begins May 1st.  We will be more than happy to speak with you at length then!

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